Friday, January 6, 2012

Are you my Mommy?

So pretty much everyone knows the story of how Aurora, Nick and Bella came to us. So I won't go into that again, right now. But everyday brings new questions, especially from Aurora. Yesterday she asked me if she came from my tummy. I found it odd since she is 5 years old and remembers her mom and dad clearly. So I answered with "No sweetie you didn't come from my tummy, you came from my heart, which makes our relationship extra special". So she smiled at me and said "ok". And then the kicker "well if I didn't come from your tummy, are you still my mommy?" So I had to think a minute (and remembered something a friend once told me while going through an adoption), that was a great question and one I wasn't prepared for at the moment. So I asked her a basic question, "What does a mommy do?" And she responded with " A mommy cooks, and cleans, reads to you and loves you". I asked her "Do I do those things for you?" And I loved her response, "Oh yes, you do so you must be my mommy".

Yep Rory is only 5 but man how her brain works. Its a struggle for her because I think she feels that if she loves me as a mommy she would be betraying her own parents. She remembers them, she loves them and she misses them. I constantly have to reassure her that her parents love her but that they just can't take care of her like a mommy and daddy should right now. She always comes back and says, "yes cause they are sick". One day her parents are going to have to answer her questions and I just hope they are seriously sitting in prison thinking about what they will tell their children one day.

For now I will do my best to answer Rory's questions. I will love her, take care of her, listen to her and hug and kiss her like she deserves. I will pray everyday that God will provide me with the right words to put her sweet little mind at ease. I love you to the moon and back Aurora!


  1. She is a sweetie. She knows who you are to you, just wanted the confirmation you gave her :)