Tuesday, January 10, 2012

serenity and peace

We are always looking for it aren't we? In the craziness of my life I rarely ever get to stop and enjoy the world around me. I have decided to change that. So from now on where ever I go my camera goes with me. I'm going to start appreciating the things I always took for granted. I'm going to capture those moments so that when I get to a point where things feel hopeless I can look back and reflect on the beauty of life.

Tonight as I was taking a moment to clear my head from the screaming and fighting of children this is what I saw. I ran back into the house to grab my camera. How beautiful is this picture? It reminded me to be grateful of those things I take for granted. My children, family, my home and many other things. I realize that just like this moon will be gone tomorrow, the possibility is there for everything else to be gone as well.

Thank you God for opening my eyes at a time when I so desperately needed it.

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